Movie Review: Love and Other Drugs

In Movie Review on December 2, 2010 at 12:31 am

Love and Other Drugs

I liked this run of the mill romantic comedy. It was pretty witty and had a good line thrown in here and there. More importantly, the acting was very well done. Directed by Edward Zwick, this movie reinviggorates a genre being over-run by CRAP.

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal provide enriching performances. This is a comedy laid with great undertones. The best message I got was through Hathaway’s character’s illness, Parkinsons Disease. This movie has a fun and youthful feel. Great date movie for all those couples out there. Another message is the dog-eat-dog world of direct sales, and more importantly, pharmaceutical sales. The reliance we have on drugs is shown in this film. And the fact that even during the time represented in the movie (early 2000s/late 1990s) people were traveling to Canada to buy drugs. I hope people understand how medical coverage is so important in today’s society; but enough about my political rant…

Didn’t make me cry, but definitely made me laugh. So there is also A LOT of nudity. And by the way, Hathaway has a rockin’ body. I am so happy I got to see such a good movie. I had my doubts, but those were erased by the top level performances and great music. I really recommend this movie.

I give it a 4/5. Can’t wait till it is on DVD.

  1. It started off really fun, and exciting, with a quick pace, that had plenty of good jokes. Then it starts to delve into sappy rom-com cliches, that we all know and hate. However, this film does a good job anyway, with it’s two stars, and their undeniable chemistry.

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