It hit me last night- Holiday Challenge

In Government, life in general on November 29, 2010 at 9:50 am

Hit me like a comet.

So after a heartfelt and tearful conversation with someone last night, I realized how selfish and horrible I have become. At least I feel this way. I was using racism to garner laughs. I was being selfish by not doing my part in helping my roommate and I move out, like I should have. I just haven’t been emotionally there. But I guess this is my way of reacting to losing a mother this year.

I have been mourning by making other people feel bad about themselves because I am afraid of people pointing out my flaws. This person told me that they were embarrassed by me. Whenever we hung out I would make fat jokes or jokes towards a minority faction. This wasn’t right. I don’t truly believe the things I joke about. True, I believe that fat people are usually fat because they are lazy, but I shouldn’t use that as a joke. I feel horrible for the person that I have become. MAybe I’ll revert back to the old me, maybe I’ll stay this way. Either way, I know what I have to do to change myself for good.

First step, stop using traits of people to make humorous remarks. Secondly, focus on me. Allow myself to take a night off once in a while to enjoy life. I don’t think about my needs and wants, just pleasing others. I’m afraid of losing my friends, don’t ask me why because I don’t know.

I see the atrocities being committed every day by racist biggits, and I will no longer classify myself under that title. I will try to do things in a nicer way. In a way, I was a bully. So many PEOPLE are effected by bullying, not just the young. If I was obese and the world made fun of me, I would want to stay inside too. We are creating a world of hate, when humans have the gift of love. We can show love to those whom never thought that they’d ever receive it. We can change someone’s life. I challenge all my readers to do something, make an impact in someone’s life.

I will be purchasing stuffed animals and giving them to a local church drive to give to needy children this holiday season. You should do something. If you realize what you want to do. Do it, photograph it. Email me at and I’ll try to share your triumphs. Let’s make this a world of love, not hate.

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