Let’s get political…

In Government on November 10, 2010 at 10:49 am


More to come, but here is a small taste of my opinion.

Why the frick is the Republican Party going to make it their first mission to revoke Obama Care. I understand that the political establishment that they serve are generally the wealthy, but obviously they do not seem to care about the middle class, and below. The Obama Care provides American citizens the right to healthcare even if they have a pre-existing condition. This prevented my many people from getting help, even if they could afford it. This government is has not been there to help citizens for so long. I also do not believe that any one party is the be-all end-all political archangels.  Taxes, fallacious speeches, backdealings, and scoundrels is what our political system is comprised of. News affiliates can’t even be taken seriously. They use harsh languages like, “Liberal Agenda” to make it sound like a terrorist group. They are ignorant. Raising college tuition is not acceptable. I doubt the cost for the school goes up signifficantly from year to year. Americans can NOT afford school anymore ( the general public, not those with scholarships or financial aid). It saddens me to see how my generation is being treated.

again. more to come. I can no longer hold it in…

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