Day 21: Someone you judged by their first impression

In friends, life in general on October 17, 2010 at 7:57 am


My best friend


When I was younger I definitely was VERY judgmental. I didn’t make too many friends in early high school. I didn’t really want to make friends. I didn’t trust people. Phil is one of the first people I let in and began to trust.

We met in (9th?) or (10th?) grade at Liz’s birthday party and a bowling extravaganza. But I really was not in a mindset to extend my friendship to anyone. I was content with the few select friends that I had at the time. But by 12th grade I had extended a friendship and went out of my comfort zone.

But this is about judging someone. And I did judge Phil. Keep in mind, I was MUCH less mature here. I honestly never thought our personalities would match. All I knew is that he was interested in activities that I would never do (anime stuffs) and super collector of comic books. I looked down upon people who did that. But I began to see through that. Those things didn’t define him. His goofy and funny superhero shirts and super nerdy status didn’t mean that he was not a cool person, on the contrary. He is probably one of the best people in my life today. He is very mature and has helped me out more than this blog could express.

Adventures at my vacation house and great days in Annapolis and his/my house are some of the best memories that I have with him. I’m happy I got to learn about him and seeing through the nerdy exterior. I was in an aura of popularity in highschool. Phil helped to humble me and bring me back to life. I was able to sit with the popular kids, the anime people, and most other clicks and still be myself. I became a better person with Phil in my life. I also helped him by showing him other types of people and some of my friends. Hopefully I was good in his life and have helped him even an inkling as he helped me.


and now we are best friends ^_^


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