Day 3: The Parents

In 30 days on August 31, 2010 at 10:29 pm
momma bear

My mom, brother, and I.

Father: Dad even though your year has been a tough, you have still been with me through thick and thin. Thanks for being there when I needed help or a place to stay the night. I also appreciate the freezer that is FULL of meat and pizzas all the time. You helped me with my car! You are begging to fully support more of my life style choices. Which is super helpful! I love you dad.

Theresa: You are SO not an evil step mother. I love you so much. You have helped me become the great person I am now. I’m very happy with you in my life. You have been one of my biggest inspirations and I am very pleased to have had many essays written about you. You have been through a lot this year too. I am proud that you are holding yourself together. Your help with my mom has been irreplaceable. Love you Theresa.

Mom: Rest in peace. You were my best friend. I loved you more than I could have told you. Miss you more than any combinations of adjectives could attempt to decide. Hope you are having fun swimming with the dolphins. I miss the way I could talk to you about anything, and you probably went through it too. Heartbreak to love, happiness to sadness. You were always there when I called . You tried to be a BIG part of my life even though you couldn’t get out of the house. I miss your hugs and kisses. God bless you keep you safe. Love you mom.

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