Working hard at working hard.

In life in general on August 28, 2010 at 8:01 am

One of the few fiascos that occurred while at my job, mer

I began working at Whole Foods Market Mount Washington early February. I’ve been working by butt off to get where I am now. Although I am a cashier, I’m only steps away from the position I would LOVE to have. The wheels of motion have been set. I would love to be Full-time backup ssi/artist, eventually just full-time store artist of my own store. Getting paid to draw would be amazing. Not only have I been pushing myself to get to these awesome positions, but other teams have recognized these efforts as well. It is great to feel important at your place of work, not just a peon.

I would love to continue the path that I am working. Possibly getting a part-time job as a waiter to just get a few extra bucks.I know that my mom would be proud that I am setting a path for myself. Everyone else seems excited and proud of my accomplishments. I also love going to a position when I know I’m good at it! Ah…yes. I know I can be overbearing confident at work, and I’m sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way, but I’m just excited when I go to work. Not many people can say that, after a year and a half. Maybe I need to go to a new store, with new opportunities? Who knows.

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