A fun filled story about a breakup.

In life in general on August 26, 2010 at 9:56 am

Don't be blinded by what you "think" is love

I promised I wouldn’t rant, but what the hell. They did not hold up there end of the bargain by telling the truth.

So I met this kid. He was spectacular in every way. I felt like it was love at first sight. I would strive to find time to drive the 2 hours it took to see them. I know he lived 100 miles away, but being with him was all that mattered. I thought that they were there for me. His family, to my knowledge, was evil. He told me the horrors of his family in Lusby. His mother was a retched evil woman and his father was abusive.

I moved him into my apartment to shelter him from the hatred. I wanted him around people who would love him for him, and not hurt him. My best friend and I took a risk, but it’s what I wanted for my amazing boyfriend. Someone who I liked this much should NOT have to live the way that he was living. He came with no money, no phone, no clothes, no form of ID and no car. Pretty much at square one (or whatever that saying is).

I got him a job within a week of moving up here. Let him wear any of my clothes. Gave him cash for public transport. Paid his first months rent and security deposit. Took him out to dine. You know, it was fair….atleast we were in love…right? That makes up for it.

Apparently not,

I noticed that some of his stories did not add up. His facts became fiction. I began not to trust him. I confronted him, he told me that he tells people different people different parts of the same story, telling each differently to get different reactions….


…that’s called lying in my book. My friends noticed, and I wasn’t ready for that b.s. I understand that it is who he is to talk like that. But I’m not ready to date a liar. We broke up, he needed to get his finances in order and I needed to heal due to my mother’s death. Well, his reaction was to traverse to Annapolis for several days, then that turned into nearly a week. As this month’s end crept closer, so did rent due. Again, he had no money. Oh, forgot to mention, he got fired from the job I fought for him to get. How did he appreciate me, by not looking for a job. Well, he got an application for Rita’s…and they close in how many weeks…

So Last sunday when I got him he was home and on my Macbook. There were constant beeps happening and I asked who kept messaging, he told me someone annoying. I whipped around to check out the situation, see if I needed to tell someone off. It was Austin Sellman. He told me that Austin was annoying him, and was going to tell him not to talk with him anymore. Vince left the room. I just checked the logs to see what this kid was saying to annoy him so much.

Long story short. Vince cheated on me with him. The conversation before I came home was a sexual one. When I walked in, he told Austin that he had to go, and Austin wanted to continue the conversation. Hence the beeping chat messages.

Throughout there many daily conversations, it escalated from flirting, to video chats, to ACTUAL cheating.

How could I have been so dumb, so naive. I was used. I was disgusted with myself. I dropped him off at his friends house at 2am on monday. I’m done. My best friend and I were so taken advantage of. We didn’t kick him out when he was short on rent for 2 months.

kk there is much more to the story, but this is what I needed to say. Ah rants are so relieving. I know he is a good person. He is just a lost puppy who is a fucking whore.


  1. :(.. That’s a very sad story…but I guess that in the end you can take a lesson learned from it. Not many guys out there as nice and openly accepting as you.
    Sorry for the hell he put you through. Reminds me of someone I know..

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