Phillipe Batigne

In friends on August 1, 2010 at 11:25 pm

Phil and I in 2007

There is someone that I know, someone that I am proud and lucky to call my best friend. Phil has been there more thank he knows. I can always rely on him to tell me when I am doing something foolish. His advice is usually right! We have had a few things that stood between us, but the outcome made us closer.

I really would love to thank his family for taking me in during various holidays where I was not with my own family for various reasons. Especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas eve. I truly appreciate our continued friendship.

I remember one day we just took an obnoxious amount of pictures at his house. It was a great day. Our friendship has only strengthened over the years. We met at a birthday party in 10th grade. Thanks you liz! We only became close during senior year. More importantly, thanks Carrie for formally introducing him and I.

Phil at my vacation house

One of the best memories was our trip to my vacation home in Virginia! I was so happy that he was happy to accompany my family and I. We went kayaking, boating, swimming, biking, walking and EATING everyday! I taught him how to clean ;p In all seriousness, Phil I was so thankful that you were the one who came with me. I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

When I met you I honestly did not think that our friendship would have blossomed to what it is today. You are my french best friend. QUI…oui…yea, that’s right! I’m happy that I got to see how the French Culture celebrates Thanksgiving differently and that my little chinese earmuffs make you smile. I’ll always be here, and I’ll make sure you are there too!


Your best friend, Alex

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