In friends, life in general on April 25, 2010 at 8:57 am

What a slut....

First off, let me tell you about the start of this guys and my short stint of a relationship. Honestly, it started off great. I couldn’t be happier. He asked me out on the FIRST date…who does that? Secondly, he pressured me into doing things I had better morals in. I’m ashamed of my actions and embarrassed at myself for allowing pressure to get the best of me. I relied on lust, and did not take into consideration what my brain was telling me. All my friends did NOT like him. So that should have been an indicator. I’m sorry guys that I did not listen to you. It also sucks that during intimate moments, it wasn’t really good. He joked with me about assigning me a number. His intellegence was not up to par with my standards. In the words of my best friend, “Alex, you are lowering yourself to be with him.” True true, I saw the care that was on the outside, and later the whore on the inside.

People, get to know people more than that first week, before it become serious. I feel like a slut myself…ugh. gross.

His facebook status.

Michael Merson Ok yes I will own it up yes I did cheat on my ex but u kno u gave me reasons I will admit it iam player and iam afaid of commmiment but I got my own reason so I feel better that I admit. It I feel so much better

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