Fear thy self

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2010 at 9:14 am

Thine shall fear thine from within

I want to draw a series of pieces that define the inner fear, turmoil and inner most volatile secrets. I need some more inspiration. This is a quick sketch of the art direction I want to go in:

I am lost without you...

This picture depicts what happens when someone whom loves you leaves you. Once the most important person of your life is gone, you’re left to live with just yourself. On occasion, your demons emerdge. Demons you didn’t know you had. They become real. The become you. You become them. You do not trust who you are. You second guess everything. You develop something else. You become something new.

…or something like that…

I just need to develop this idea. I will also be doing a Black Dahlia inspired piece. That piece will be fantastic, magical even.

later gators


  1. I love your idea of this inspired collection, its something ive been trying to work on for years. I love everything about it. you can use macabra and its amazing. I also want to see this Black Dahlia inspired piece when it is finished!

    Love ❤

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