In Love on February 1, 2010 at 4:34 pm

Love, it will surprise you

Finding that certain someone. Finding that special someone. When will it happen, when will it be? How strange is it knowing that we are doing very specific things in our lives that will lead us to meet, find, and fall in love with someone. My friend mentioned this to me. So I have been thinking about it. I am in college now. The generation before me found most of their significant others while they were in college. So therefore, people my age could be meeting that certain someone soon, right!? How crazy is that?!

Just knowing that in a few years we could be dating the eventuality of our future, our lives. Our actions will put us in places that could lead us to finding splendor and completeness in another. Love, the myth, could be right around the corner. Are you ready?

It is a statistical fact that we will NOT end up with the first several people we date. Sure there are always exceptions. The person you are dating now, may be the one…or may not be. Only time will tell. I LOVE YOU is said too much. It should be reserved to the few whom should acquire and earn it. I’ve only meant it to one person I’ve dated. But enough about me.

Any who, love can come to us in so many forms. We just have to be ready to accept it unconditionally, when it finds us ^_^

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