In life in general on January 27, 2010 at 2:38 am

ugh, i hate credit cards

So I have yet to own one. I don’t want one. But it seems the time has come for me to get one soon. As i am now enrolled at UMBC (on campus) i need to pay for things like books and food, right?! but no. This i cannot. I DO NOT have a card that they accept. My whole life I’ve gone with my good ole’ Check  Card. This is no longer usable. Why you ask, let me tell you…it is a Visa. This saddens me. This is to be expected, looking back on history. All the seemingly monopolized credit card companies eventually lose their luster. Discover, Mastercard, and American Express have seemed to be fading. With more and more establishments not accepting ALL major credit cards, it seems the only way to keep the lesser used credit cards in business. This cruel credit cycle is part of the World’s economic structure.

…speaking of which…

Let me give you my view on credit. This is the dumbest system I’ve ever seen. How the HECK is it beneficial for someone to use other people’s money then pay them back…and get rewarded. While people like me who have NEVER had a credit card can’t get squat! This is so stupid. I believe that people who have the actual funds for things and spend their own money should be much more rewarded then people who borrow money then pay back. What does this prove. This system just shows how quickly people can go into incredible debt. ughhh. I’ve paid for all my: rent, school, phone, and ALL OTHER BILLS out of pocket. No credit cards needed, and what did that get me…nothing. Well the phone bill may…but that’s not the point. One should be praised for not using money they don’t have. Why the hell would you buy useless stuff with money you WILL make. Doesn’t that mean you are living paycheck to paycheck…which is never a good idea…le sigh.

if only…

  1. I don’t know what bank you use, but BB&T let me sign my Visa Check Card up for Visa Rewards, so as long as I run it as credit (which just takes an extra day for the money to come out of my account) I get one point per dollar!
    And once I save up about 40,000 points, I can get a really cool neon orange spinning top like they have at Chuck E’ Cheese!

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