2009: The year of change

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Snow in 09' what a way to end the year =)

Year in Review:

Party anyone?

My best friend and I at the Ice Skating rink

January: A new beginning

Job: Sunrise

Living Situation: between friends, mom and dad

January started with the best of intentions. I woke up next to my ex Happy and Thrilled. Only to be asked to leave like so many other times. I fell asleep in the arms of another. I was heartbroken once again. I finished fighting for them. Finished fighting a battle I could not win. I got to go to Essex and seek refuge with my amazing friend Theresa many times. Also got hurt by the guy I really liked. I guess I had that coming…Any who…so the year didn’t start off great. But I had a great time the rest of the month. This is also the month I got my first New PHONE in about 3 years. I adore it. Even to this day (after 3 replacements…I’m clumsy!) I love it! First time I drank at a party happened. I also went Ice Skating like 239809328094 times ^_^ with Ashley, Christina, and Kevin. All-in-all it could have been better, if I had made better choices.

Platonic Freakfest

Yes, i got on my knees when i saw this...

February: A friendship built with stone

Job: Sunrise

Living Situation: friends, mom, and dad

Christina and I become so much closer this month. Solidifying the amazing friendship we have today. This is when I started thinking of moving out of my father’s and mother’s all together. I hate relying on friends for refuge but this was becoming too constant. Christina & Theresa were there so many nights when I needed them to house me. I can never thank them enough. I got to see Fairgreen with Megan and Adrienne in Towson Town Centre. This month was better. I was sad to have no Valentine in years…but life moved on. I progressed and became stronger with the help of my friends. Although I noticed I started to become cruel. I started to hate who I was becoming. I didn’t tell people, but I had not been happy for months, not one happy day. Every day was either: blah, bad, or content, Never good. But this month was a definite improvement from January.

Hugging the Lego store, cause I'm cool

Visiting my mom in her hospice house

March: Month of drastic change

Job: Sunrise (quit), Ledo (started)

Living situation: friends, mom’s, dad’s

The worst month of the year. By far. I tried (again) to reconnect with my ex. At this point I still loved him. It was lessening, but I still loved him. This ended horrid. I accepted the inevitability of never spending my life with him. I now started to build the pieces I needed to re-build myself. I lost everything this month. My mother went to a hospice home. My step-father was so furious my mother called me pleading for me to leave in lieu of him rushing home in anger. She was afraid for my life. I quit my job at Sunrise, only to gain a new job at Ledo’s Pizza and Pasta. My November to January flame and I began to reconnect. I lost love, but gained new friends. I visited my mom often in her home. She loved it. I think because she was away from the drama of the home. This month Christina and I went house shopping, only to come up empty. But I did find a nice place with a close friend. That didn’t turn out so well.

At the Zoo!

Theresa and I growling at one another<3

April: Moving out, moving up

Job: Ledo, Whole Foods Market (started)

Living Situation: Single-family home

After the worst month of my life, I needed a change. Mikie offered that change. Jesse and Mikie graciously offered their home for me to rent out. I took it in a hot second. Through the month I had a great time adjusting to my new life away from home. I loved it! Going to school, working 2 jobs, I was moving up in the world. Of course the occasional dates here and there were awesome! My life began looking up. My mom was released from the hospice home after getting better. I didn’t see her the whole month, from what happened the month before with my step-father. Fear was too great for me to deal with. The person from January and I had been also talking again :]. Only to be hurt again. I loved having my close friends come over to my new place. It was fantastic. My mom and dad were super proud of me! With a trip to the zoo and my first REAL modeling shoot, this month was much better than anything I could have asked for.

Caitlin and I being cooler than you!

Liz and I at one of our many dinner nights

May: Mundane

Jobs: Ledo, WFM

Living Situation: Single-family home(left), Townhouse(moved-in)

Finally, a normal month, filled with normalcy. The friendship this month that become strong was with my awesome friend Caitlin. She and I had been becoming closer since October. She made her way ALL the way down from Dundalk to visit me! After an amazing day with her and her sis life couldn’t be better! Visiting UMBC regularly and driving to Essex to see Theresa kept my spirits high. I enjoyed my movie nights with great friends like Liz W and Christina. The month was great, until the end. After several differences of opinions between my landlords and I, we decided to part ways. I found a new home the next day. Other than that, all was well. I went to my pool a lot! Phil, Ashley, Kristy, Kelsey, and many others joined! I loved seeing the Kimbles, like normal. Love ya liz and ned! You and your family have always treated me like part of the family. Thanks=]=]=]

Christina and I running away from the Decepticons!

I love bringing my mom flowers

June: Fun in the Sun

Jobs: Ledo, WFM

Living situation: Townhouse

Practically working 60-70+ hour weeks, every week. I never asked for anytime off. I made a butt load of money, only to spend it to help my mom, rent, last installment for school, new tires. Basically supported my crazy obsession with individuality. I didn’t want my parents to help anymore! I was ready to be on my now, supporting just myself. I hated relying on people. I started to become meaner, I think. Again didn’t like who I was becoming. My only breaks were when I didn’t have a particular shift during that week. I would be at my pool. No questions asked. The pool is where I was myself. Away from people. I could tell I was drifting away from my friends. And I was letting myself believe that it was okay. I tried to make my mom happy by bringing her flowers once a week! It made both of us smile:] And I met a girl who totally made my heart-a-flutter. I’m sad that feelings changed. But everything works out for the best. I miss this month, a lot.

My brothers and I right before my lil brother goes to Basic

Arex & Rena Ruv Run Runanother

July: War hits home

Jobs: Ledo, WFM

Living Situation: Townhouse

So my little brother leaves for boot camp to proudly serve our Army. My mom is devastated but happy because this is his choice and she is happy if he is! The family surprisingly becomes more at ease. He is getting his act together. Caitlin comes to visit me again! Great phone calls with my best friend in OH…Cory! I go to ocean city with Kyle for the first time. I’m at the Kimble’s residence way too much (just kidding, I couldn’t be there enough!). So many people visited me at work. Meghan, Eileen, Christine, Phil, Dad, Theresa, George, Ryan, Lena…just to name a few! ^_^ Work consumes my life. I don’t even request a day off this month. Another profitable month though.

Brunch at the Kimbles


Our best picture:

August: Back in the swing of things, a great loss

Job: Ledo’s (quit), Whole foods

Living Situation: Dad

It was awesome to have brunch at the Kimble’s several times. Seeing friends all the time at work, awesome. Life was just becoming awesome. While saving loads of money, at the sacrifice of my social life, not awesome. This came to the point where I was continuously missing family vacations. I hadn’t been to my vacation home in over a year! This had to change. I decided to quit Ledo’s. Focus more on friends, family and Whole Foods Market. This was a great decision; however, it came at a cost. With less income, I decided it wisest to move back home to my father’s. My dad is the best! School became a back burner. Only taking a few online classes, I didn’t want the hassle of driving to school. Bryan becomes a great friend this month. And for what happens later, I’m glad we befriended each other one day while I visited the Sunglass Hut. I lost a great friend. I lost my Christine, my Xtine. She truly was a great person to me. I loved her oh so very much. What happened was unforgivable and I WILL NOT go into it anymore. I’m done with this chapter. So many things went wrong. I’m sorry for what I did. How could you let him tell me such horrid things…and be okay with it. I thought I meant more to you…I guess not. The end. Good-bye forever. I’m so thankful that I eventually left my inner sanctum and wanted to explore the world around me again. I slowly was becoming me again. I was getting over my ex. And fell out of love. I also really enjoyed seeing Phil’s WHOLEEEEEEEEEEE family this summer. It was truly great meeting the people behind the accent! Food and Wine, phenomenal. I can’t believe I spelt phenomenal correctly without spell check!

Cooking Filet Mignon and grilling corn on the cob

Thomas and I on my dock

September: Culture shock & a redhead named Thomas

Job: WFM

Living Situation: Dad

This was the month of Positive Change. Finally, I let those out of my life who were poisoning me. I met someone truly amazing. I met this boy named Thomas while I was downtown with Bryan and several of his friends. Thomas joined me and watched the stars with me. I was super happy. He didn’t know it, but I thought he was too sweet to exist. We started seeing each other more often. Went to the Renaissance Fair with Caitlin, by invitation of Thomas. And poof, we started dating. This was the first real thing since my ex. I was totally psyched and excited to see where we would be taken in the future. I met his totally cool friend Katy. She has amazing comedic timing. Some cool things that happened this month were I visited Ashley’s stellar NEW apartment!!!! Ooooh ahhhh. I saved a kitten that I rescued. My step mom woke me up to a kitten. :] best morning ever. Also, I really got into my cooking demos at work. I had been doing them for about a month now. I had pre-designed recipes by Miss Hilary, but I wanted to do my own stuff darn-it! So I did, with great success.  This gave me more motivation to wake up on Thursdays! So I could do my Tasty Thursdays!!!! I began cooking more at home as well. I loved my cooking rendezvous with Ashley and Erika! They are forever my cooking buddies, well more Erika is. Ashley just ate what I made! Thomas and I hung out a lot, and I loved every minute of it^_^

Cooking at work for Tasty Thursday

My birthday people

October: I’m 20! =]

Job: WFM

Living Situation: Dad

I turned twenty this month! YES! Another year done, and I’m still alive and well. I don’t know how I got through the year. This time last year I was gone…lost my mind. This time last year I lost the love of my life. Wow how I have overcome incredible odds. My birthday party was splendid! So many great people! I love my friends! I went to the equality march with my boyfriend (first time I did anything with the gay community b4). Another great aspect of this month was my love of art reemerged. I started drawing A LOT more! YESSSSSS!!!!I needed inspiration and happiness became it. I became…happy. =] It took over a year, but I did it. I woke up with a smile on my face. It is not because of someone I was happy or not…it was all up to me. I learned this over the last year. I now love who I am and what I have become. I’m still me, but much stronger. My brother left for boot camp 2 days before my b-day :[ that was sucky. But he is happy in the Army. Again I’m happy if he is happy! Jasna and I missed him so much, for different reasons. Also, Halloween! LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I was like 5 different things: Edward Cullen, Crossing Guard, Cologne Model, Underwear Model, and Banana(at work).

Party at the Wilson-Rico apartment


One Republic, in concert, front rows=

November: See Favorite Band…check

Job: WFM

Living Situation: Dad

Okay, so I saw One Republic, Rob Thomas and Carolina Liars. I loved Christina’s family!!! Best birthday gift ever! Thanks forever and a million! Thomas got to go with me! Awesome. I started to go to more and more parties in November. I’m becoming a “partier” of sorts. As for the alcohol consumption. I do nearly a ½ a Smirnoff ice a night! I had a great adventure in Salisbury with my twin Sarah!!!!!! Great convos online with Valerie Bell. I love that girl. Also…more great talks with Cory when I truly needed him the most. Thanks guys. Of course my best friends are always there for me. I truly have the best friends in the entire world. Happy birthday Ashley! MY best friend turned 21!!!! Holler. I don’t think her 70398402398402893 birthday parties were enough! Haha. Thanksgiving at Phil’s house was awesome like always! Acceptance then Rejection into UMD:CP…gay. Acceptance into UMBC=way better school anyways! Preparing to move up to Owings Mills started here! My best friend ashley woke me up dressed as a banana. That’s something that should be mentioned! We had an amazing breakfast before I had to go to work! I love Ashley sooo much=]

Thomas and I in NYC, during a blizzard

Me in NYC winter '09

December: Snow, snow, snow, holiday cheer, did I mention snow?

Job: WFM

Living Situation: Dad

Okay first off, 20+ inches of snow! Whoa there! Too bad I was stuck in NYC with Thomas<3 and his family=]. We saw Broadway plays. We went to very nice restaurants. We ate amazing food. Saw great sights. Oh, got caught in a Blizzard. I began the month with a shake night with Thomas in downtown Annapolis, MD. I love the snow. I wanted to go sledding and make snow angels soooo bad. I’m basically a 5 year-old kid^_^. Christmas with my family went great after Christmas Eve…ugh. Bad night. But again, Thomas came to the rescue. Last year Phil was my rescuer! I never have great holidays. This time of year is just not my thing. My Whole Food Market family is amazing. I’ll be sad to leave them next month. I will definitely miss you: Sara, Amy, and Chari the most. You women are brilliant. Never change, you’re perfect the way you are. I can’t wait to see what 2010 has to offer me!

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