Movie Review: Avatar

In Movie Review on December 24, 2009 at 1:18 am

An amazing movie. Period

Avatar, by Director James Cameron takes the audience on a journey of epic proportions. Following the main character between what is real and what is fake becomes blurred. Reality and sense of self changes.Nature takes over as the provider of life. Only where life exists, does reality exist. Cameron wrote and directed an amazing movie. This movie…is amazing.

One of the B-E-S-T movies I have ever seen. From the lush scenery to the love story. The genuine characters you encounter make this movie passionate. I felt sad for various characters’ deaths. While i was enraged by the villains. This movie isn’t just a great fictional novel. It is a representation of the destruction and parasitic tendencies that mankind follows. We do what we want to get what we want without consequences.

This movie has amazing graphics! The face recognition software is the best i have ever seen, ever. The environment and creature animations….amazing. The story itself, was outstanding. Pulling in real-life occurrences & stringing along a rich love story. The love story is about loving the energy of life, and love the life you have. Being more in tune with yourself.

I give this movie a 9.5/10. Amazing amazing amazing.

the end.

  1. I wish to see it again because it was awesome movie….I can’t believe that someone has spent 350+ million dollars making a mass-market movie that is quite this stridently anti-American.

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