In friends, life in general on December 17, 2009 at 2:46 pm

So I love to give gifts, whats the problem?

I know that i should save my money. Everyone is telling me this, especially my father. But i love buying gifts. I love to buy things that people will smile when they see. I went way above and beyond my alloted budget for this winter season. But its okay. All the people who are receiving gifts did something to make me have a better year.

After a talk with phil and his secret santa thing. I found the true joy of receiving gifts…in the eyes of another. I love to give gifts! I’m okay with giving gifts and not receiving. But the feeling that someone took the time to get you something (more than a gift card) is awesome. I love to go gift shopping. I”m not the biggest fan of just clothes shopping. I did my share of retail therapy this year. I regret a lot if it. But you only live once. I felt like a shirt would make me happy. It doesn’t. In fact, wearing something i bought because of stress or distress, makes the reminder of what emotional turmoil was suffering come back.

I want to thank my best friend Phil for putting it into perspective what the joy of a gift, no matter the size, can do on someone. =]

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