New start, episode 1

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2009 at 9:33 pm

Hello world,

This is Alex again. Signing on to voice my life ^_^

and to say the least…so far so good.

Last week was bad. I was riddled with father AND mother issues. My father won’t co-sign any student loans and he wants me to join the military, which is not on my current agenda. My mom is getting way way wayyyyyyy worse. Ugh, Some relationship issues have not been helping either.

I’m happy i’m talking to my mom-mop in FL more and more recently. I’m happy our lil disconnect is over. My in OH is always calling me and I’m always calling her! :] I miss them both loads and loads.

Going to UMBC! this spring. Considering very seriously to move in with Laura and Joe. Let’s hope it all works out.

Work has been..okay. I think I’m no longer doign the tasty thursdays :[  Totally gay!!!! le sigh

other than that life is pretty darn great


  1. I hope you like going to UMBC- its a great school!

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