Equality March

In life in general on October 12, 2009 at 9:59 pm
Thousands gathered in D.C.
Thousands gathered in D.C.

Thousands upon thousands gathered in D.C. to show their support for the gay community. This is something I’m not accustomed to. I have always had this wall up to not be an activist for the Gay community. I think, now thought a lot of the portrayals of gay people were correct. I stayed away from the gay community for so long. People have told me that I’m a bad gay or i’m ashamed to be me. I think this was true. I never wanted to be subjected to the scrutiny that many of the gay community goes through.

I believed that by staying away from that community I would protect myself. Well i went on a limb and went to this Equality March in D.C.
–I couldn’t have been more wrong—
these people weren’t the drug and sex crazed individuals i assumed them to be. They were normal people. they were fighting. Fighting for equality. Fighting for love. Not just love, but ACCEPTED LOVE. I proudly held my boyfriend’s hand and marched.
I went with Katy and Thomas. We met up with Thomas’s friend Justin. I also saw Nic, Mic…and i think the other’s were (elle, michael, and phil?). hope i’m right. then i met two more people, Kevin and Amy. Great people. I even say Marley!!!! I didn’t realize how many great Gay people there were.
I tried so hard to stay away from people whom would’ve had a potential impact on my life.
I’m not saying i’ll submerge myself into this community, but i less of a guard and wall up. I guess i don’t fear it like i once had. This has been a great lesson for me to learn!
Me & Thomas!!!<3

Me & Thomas!!!<3

Me infront of the Whitehouse. i'm such a tourist!

Me in front of the Whitehouse. i'm such a tourist!

I’m happy i am more accepting of myself, and my community.

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