In family on September 28, 2009 at 8:25 pm
me-my sis- my lil bro

me-my sis- my lil bro

Dear Misty Dawn Smith,

I love you sis.

I miss my sister more than anything or anyone in the world. I can’t believe you’ve been gone for so many years. How could you abondon me. You left me to take care of mom, all alone. I picked up her shattered heart. Now I am trying to repair mine.

You couldn’t walk me to the bus stop anymore. You couldn’t make me laugh everyday when I came home from school. When can we play 52 pick up again? I miss you. You were the definition of love. Because of you, I cry sometimes at night. I feel lonely sometimes. I just keep picturing the phone chord around your neck. Finding you like that, when I was so young. How am i not crazy.

the siblings 3

the siblings 3

But I am. I miss you like crazy nearly everyday.

I love you sis.

Don’t worry, I know you’re my guardian angel. We’ll be together soon enough. Till then I guess I just have to wait.

Your Brother,


  1. Aww, Alex… I’m so sorry, but she’s watching out for you!

  2. Alex,
    I am sorry. This touched me. Sorry.

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