life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

In family, friends, life in general on September 22, 2009 at 12:18 pm
i read this everyday

i read this everyday

Today, i woke up in an especially happy mood. Why? cause i slept in. This is something i haven’t done on the regular for oh so long. I miss this. The only reason i actually slept in is because of my job. I only have 1,uno, ONE job now. This is the most freedom I have had in years. Knowing that school is to become my number one priority in the near future, i wanted to allow for more time to my studies.

—i just cracked my neck. wow that was loud—

Art: I’ve started drawing more and more now. Both in my sketch book and other forms of mediums. I’ve gotten accustomed to drawing with either a pen or pencil. I’m not in a color mood as of now.

Happy???:I’m becoming much happier with my life. My friends are truly one of my guiding lights, while my family is the other part of my light. All my test results came back negative which is what i needed to hear.

Momma Bear:I’ve been seeing my mom more and more. We had a really hard week. The doctors officially told her there is absolutely nothing they can do. This means that there are now clinical trials, experimental trials, new medicines, or experimental medicines they can give her. She, as of now, is on pain killers until she dies. She fell the other day and left a HUGE bruise on her right side. I just hope she doens’t try to walk too much. Her bones are weakening  and her legs are turning a darker blue. Please pray for less pain in her life. Also it sucks because i can have 2 moms right now. One is that not in pain, but soooo drugged it leaves her incoherent. – or- a mom that is in severe pain, but i can talk to and express things to. This is double edge sword that truly sucks no matter what way you look at it.

Occupation:Leaving Ledos was a very good decision for my sanity. Working nearly 70-80 hours every week was destroying me. I was constantly sleepy, and never happy. Whole Foods Market is going well. I’m really enjoying my job. Business is starting to pick up. I can’t wait to see the insanity that is Thanksgiving….dear god, please give me strength. I’m growing friendships there that i’m very pleased with. Most people there are relaly great!

Love life: I’ve been dating this nice guy named Thomas for a few weeks now. Things are going well. We are not moving fast, which is splendid. Keep you updated on this part

Liberty: As my father and i are watching the news more and more, we are increasing our discussion on political matters. My father is a hardcore republican. I’m a member of the Green Party. We have different view points, both sharing differences in validity. With the Acorn scandel, i can do nothing but laugh. Really…really… i guess they must think American’s are stupid. Well we do believe almost anything that we hear or read about. Which is a downfall. We never take the time to look at all sides and aspects of an issue to truly understand it.

Future: I want to go to Florida this winter. I miss my grandparents. My brother (little) finishes boot camp on October 2nd, then begins his journey in the army. Then my brother (older) leaves October 6th, for his boot camp training. I’ll be an only child again. ^_^.
p.s. i can’t wait!!!

car situation: my car, as you know, is a POS. i really don’t understand how it is still among the living. Well my father is gifting me a car next month. :] well, it is my brother’s. And he won’t need it when he is in Iraq. So it’s mine! When they gets back, they will have more than enough money to buy a car. So i’m not worried.

Later Gators,


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