f-ing b!tch

In friends on August 5, 2009 at 10:40 pm

i hate spending so much of my time invested in someone who was completely amazing to me…in the past. I revelled about how much they meant to me…in the past. Looking back, they broke so many promises. I caught them in so many lies but never said anything. I assumed they were on my side. I assumptions can be wrong. With them it was completely wrong. I thought they had my best interests in mind. But they are influenced by yuckiness. Someone has poisoned who they used to be. They are controlling them-how can she not see?

She has left me. But i’m glad. If she wants to be manipulated by someone who has no life…then let her. She may learn what she has lost… but till then…o well. I’ve got WAY better friends than her. LOL. And my friends agree after i showed them the messages between me and that bad person. He is insane… haha. I showed the police. The commisoner’s office thought it was deeply distrubing aswell. Luckily i have a temporary protective warrant on me, against them.

Phil and Ashley how could i ever doubt you…o wait…i never did, cause you gave me NO reason to. lol

❤ you Ash. phil. theresa. ❤

second chances are sometimes given to those whom least deserve it.

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