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In friends, life in general on July 10, 2009 at 11:52 pm

so apparently i talk in my sleep. i’ve known this for a while and i can’t believe that my best friend heard me. not only heard me, but recorded it!


so embarrasing. so i spent the night at phil’s lastnight after a long work day. nearly 12 horus in total. also, i like how as i’m writing this my mind is drifting into an advanced state of ADD. haha…so…

anyways, i worked a long time, went to phil’s, watched tom green smash stuff on AOTS…then passed out. it was nice, phil just plays UNO all night long apparently.

i spoke these words lastnight :

and i banged my knee into his wall. i fell asleep over all the covers, then awoke underneath all of them and in my wifebeater. hmm. also i want to see the new Harry Potter Movie, like whoa. so i woke up, phil got a call from his new place of employment! holler. went to the mall. after a eyebrow waxing…ofcourse. spent WAYYYY too much money. hung with phil. consoled christina at my pool with phil. she left to help her roommate. then phil and i parted ways. apparently i had work at 430? ha! i got there at 5…i’m a dumbass. well i worked, made $121 in tips. YAYYYY. and apparently i’m noticing a trend with capital “Y”s…hm. odd. well that was my day! what did you do?

i also saw a hott assss car!

amazingly delicious car

amazingly delicious car

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