In friends, life in general on June 29, 2009 at 5:40 am

so i’ve been talking to this person, not for too too long, but long enough. apparently they’ve known me for a while now, and were just too afraid to say anything to me. well my friend is from VA, and is coming to visit on thursday. I’m super dumb nervous. the last few nights we’ve been talkign about EVERYTHING. life, love, politics, dead babies…all that jazz.

i tried talking to girls again, but as of right now i’m not ready to be with someone of the female persuasion, or will never be ready to be with them…who knows. so back to dudes for me. which is i guess okay, cause it makes my dynamics in various friendships become less awkward. especially when it came to changing infront of girls and them infront of me. for the first time in a long long time, i didn’t share beds with them during sleepovers in hope that they won’t think differently me liking a girl. but i think that lack luster of a feeling has come and gone. i think i found someone special in the midst of all this confusion; however.

i just love thier positive outlook on life. they have gone through so much from what i can muster through our conversations thus far. he is doing nothing but making me happy, and even if this goes no where then its worth a smidge of happiness to me!

but ferserious. they want, as of now, but to push me to succeed and do better in life. they live on thier own, have thier own car, went to an amazing school (william&mary). we have basically the same beliefs about life and have both set goals that are completely achieveable in life. it’s nice to just gain a good friendship with someone else who shares alot of my views. even if it’s only a friendship that is aquired from this relationship.

i just get fluttery and that makes me smile. and i think right now a smile on my face is something that i truly missed. well for now, i’m taking things slow. not JUMPING into anything, taking the waves as they crash, but i can’t deny that i’m slowly but surely falling, a little more everyday. hopeuflly thursday is all that i’m hoping it will be.

till then…I”M SEEING TRANSFORMERS TODAY!!! i’m so excited. like NO WAY! first off, how dare Phil see it before me! *hmph* but seriously, i’m seeing the movie i’ve been waiting for forever in like 12 hours. and on that note, why the Fudge am i up. tonight has been wierd. :/ i went to sleep around 1am and woke up around 4.5am. now i can’t fall back asleep….le sigh. this saddens me, because i got a 9-5 shift today, and then dinner and movies with megan and eileen. i truly am excited to see this movie!!!!!!!!!!

if your couldn’t tell!

here’s some proof, taken back in february 25th 2009:

movie movie movie!

movie movie movie!

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