work as we know it/brother update

In family, life in general on June 29, 2009 at 5:50 am

so Ledos has been picking up in business, i’m not walking home without less than 80 a shift. which feels good. I picked up a butt load of shifts this week, and i’m tireddddddddddd. oh so tired. i rearranged my schedule this week at work to have ONE day off this week-its Thursday, but got plans<3-whole foods is only working me like 31 hours this week, so I’m a lil saddened, but i will be getting time and a 1/2 on 4Th of July, then probably heading either over to lacey’s or someone else’s house. who knows?

on a different note:

so let me be the first to tell you me and my little brother don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. but i want him to know that i’m totally proud of him for graduating high school. there was a LONG ass time where i didnt’ think he had it in him, but he pulled his shit together and made it work. i missed him walking the stage, i truly wished i could have been there :/ sometimes i don’t set my priorities the way i should. i chose work over his graduation…how lame of a brother to do so. Right now he is touring the country seeing various family members before he goes to boot camp in the army. Before he leaves i owe him the card/money/presents for his graduating! he better be here long enough for me to swing by my father’s house to drop them off see him, and spend some quality time with my little brother before he is gone for months.

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