Movie Review: Obsessed

In Movie Review on May 6, 2009 at 11:11 am
bitches get crazy

bitches get crazy

Okay, so this is again a portrayl of how crazy women get. Am i wrong…i think not! Ali Larter is smokin hotttt in this movie. Beyonce has her amazing moments as well. I mean, the storyline is eh…predictable at best. Overall I thought it was good. Let me tell you what would have made this movie rock-i hate when commercials basically tell you the whole story! and thats what these commercials did. ugh, so depressing. But the fights are amazing. I love when the ghetto side comes out of her. SASHA FIERCE emerdged and kicked her ass. Again, the story line is predictable. Girl meets guy. Girl believes guy led her on. Things almost happen. She believes he loves her. She touches the guys kid. Bad news all around. But the fights are pure awesome. And there really is an eerie undertone when she is rocking hte baby. creeeepy.

7/10. It wouldv’e been higher if i didn’t already know the freaking story line from the commercials!

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