In 7 deadly sins on May 4, 2009 at 12:41 am

lustI’ve never had a “hook-up” before. I’ve been with a very small number of people. Before even kissing happened, i knew them for a good while. I can’t stand people who just have one night stands and never talk to that person again. ew, gross. no thankyou. I’ve had friends who went through that “phase” but no dice. Thankfully no one in my life is having a hoe/whore phase. Thank god. haha
My perspective on hookups is not a positive one. I believe that atleast with “actually sex sex” that should be shared not just on a physical level, but on an emotional and sometimes spiritual level. I know my virginity was lost when i was completely in love. That was the best feeling, sharing that experience with someone who had my heart and their’s me. I love being in love, and i think lustful people are gross. Relationships should always come before relations. Unless you have that ONE person…then it’s okay. For instance, my step moms person is hugh jackman. hahahahah. i know. CRAZY!
please people. don’t be silly and wrap your willy. And share that experience with someone you love, not just lust for.

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