Naptowne, MD

In family on April 29, 2009 at 3:22 am
from the end of city dock

from the end of city dock

Annapolis is by far one of the most gorgeuos and spectacular cities I’ve ever been blessed to be in. True, I have lived here since 9th grade (aka almost 6 years) but that has little to the impact of the city itself. Speaking purely from a third party omniscent perspective, Annapolis is beautiful. From the colonial themed housing, to the quaint “Main Street” that runs through downtown Annapolis.

When I speak about Annapolis in this aspect, I’m only refering to the Downtown portion of the city. In my research, I have come across 3 distinctive sections of Annapolis. There is West Annapolis, Downtown Annapolis, and “New” Annapolis. West Annapolis is across College Creek, next to downtown. Downtown is ofcourse where the center of tourist trap that is the port city of Annapolis. The New Annapolis is home to the Annapolis Mall, Home Depot(s), Sam’s Club, Best Buy, and most recently, the Annapolis Parole Towncenter.

All three sections offer different scenery, but my favorite area, by far, is Downtown. I think it is so spectacular and delightful to be there. From the amazing atmosphere, lack of “riff-raff,” sail/motor boats, Water Taxies, tourists, lack of heavy litter build-up; Naptowne speaks volumes. Now “Naptowne” or “Naptown” is what we Annapolitons refer to as the area of Downtown Annapolis. I guess only becuase it’s faster and it sounds cooler? HA. Well, regardless. Annapolis is full of adventure. My friends and I have spent many many many days/nights/afternoons roaming the streets. There is amazing picture opportunities and amazing areas for food. The various Cafes offer ample seating for those who just need a rest. There is never pressure or forcefulness of any establishment to buy buy buy. All the shops on and off of Mainstreet have thier own little flair. There aren’t too many larger stores, which is amazing. That is one thing that sets Downtown Annapolis apart from many of the other sections, the lack of LARGE businessess. There are many mama/papa shops that are still doing pretty well in this interesting economy. This fact is very enlightening.

Well I think I’ve ranted about my favorite city long enough. I’m just so happy to live in such a great city. Below is the illustration i drew in dedication of annapolis. And no, I didn’t look at a boat or picture when I drew this. It was purely what I feel when I’m in annapolis. Water and tranquility are what makes this city simply amazing in every which way.

Ode to Annapolis

Ode to Annapolis

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