mommy dearest4/7/09

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she will be dying soon. She is in a hospice respit center proably until she dies.

another chapter of my life will be closing forever…just pray. My family and i will need your prayers.


i saw my mom the other day for the first time since that horrible night. she is ready to die. and she will be soon. Mike and Jesse came with me to grab my stuff and go because i don’t feel comphy near my stepdad without protection. Per request of my father too. I grabbed all the good stuff and my favorite pic of me and my mom :]

She is doing worse everyday. and in alotttttttttttt of pain. I love you mom and just know i’m praying for you ❤


the other day my mom called me crying begging me to leave my house before my step father came home. he was going to hurt me…

so as of now, i don’t know what hte FUCK is going on. I went from having pretty much my own apartment, to nothing. I feel so weak, but there is a shining light. and only i know who that is. but for the time being. I hate knowing my mother has to worry about my safety from my own fucking step father. She just told me to not go back. ugh

i miss her. hope to see her somehow soon.

o, her stay at the nursing home is up soon. which i don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. I’m assuming that they didn’t believe she would still be alive at this point. so, le sigh…

i can just hope that the future gets brighter!


i don’t know what to do.


 i’m so scared.


the end.

–comment a prayer, or a loving note–<3


I’ve seen her twice at her new respit home. It’s very lovely. I’ve seen it thus far with christina, but i would love if more people came with me cause it’s easier when i’m not alone :]


I got her flowers and a resident from my assistant living home had flowers mailed to her. Also my support from my friends & family are amazing <3333—thanks y’all!

she absolutely loves it there. 24 hour care!!! but she is sad that the cats i bought her for mother’s day a while ago can’t sleep on her lap anymore. she asked me the other day if i was afraid or scared of her dying, i told her no. cause she is lucky she gets to see my brother/sister/other kitties & my dog/great grandparents/grandpa…all that jazz when she passes in heaven. So i made her smile and all was well. ❤

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