new house & new life

In friends on March 30, 2009 at 10:24 am

like omgeeee.

this house is fucking amazing. Last week i had off school. what did i do? you wonder. i spent the entire week house hunting. we saw amazing apartments and houses. well we narrowed it down to one.

got a new house with new roommated (updated)

Work update:
no longer working at Sunrise Assisted Living home, I’m now a full time employee at Ledo Pizza. ANd…possibly nordstroms!!!!
Friend updates:
Ashley: in the hospital too long. glad your out ❤
Phil: haven’t seen him in a hot minute. miss him. glad him and cynthia are gooood.
christina: amazingness to the extreme. she and i are moving in together sooon
Theresa: glad she’s doing sooo much better. and very happy again. i miss her
Christine:your bf is simply amazing. sorry your friends are allergic to MaryKay.
Lena:Congrats in VA!!! i’m so proud of you and your amazing ROTC stuffs
Mic: I’m happy we’ve been hanging and i hope i’m helping you figure out your life. little by little, as best as i can
Kevin:miss you. we should hang soon. kk!
I love my amazing friends. ❤
  1. Wait, where are you moving to?

    Michael and I are currently seeking out roommate(s) because this house is too big and temporarily too expensive on one income.

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