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Ten things you want to say to different people.

1.I wish things were different, then how they are now. I know i had my chance, but i blew it, and for that I’m sorry. I used to love you with all my heart, but now it’s something that I must overcome. don’t worry, i have, it just sucks. =/

2. Fuck you, you fucking liar-that’s why you lost your friends…and to think you were my greatest inspiration, wow am i dumb.

3. I miss you terribly, i’m so sad we lost touch. you were my first real friend, we’ve been friends since GRADE school. Ugh, why didn’t we stay in touch, i’m so sad. I miss you terribly.

4. Sometimes your a total bitch, and i hate feeling like you ignore me. But now things atre easing. I’m reconnecting with you love. ❤ thanks for staying with me. I’m happy i forgave you, and i did truly feel a part of me missing when u left.

5.You can sometimes be a total hippocrit, i can’t believe some of the shit that leaks out of your mouth. I know when i do things that are stupid, i jsut don’t understand how you don’t…when u do them. ugh. but i know that your a great person at heart, and that’s all that truly matters most.

6. I don’t mean to sound mean, but i KNOW my life would be better if you were never born…why can’t u just change and become a “normal” or “nice” person in society…

7. I’m so happy i found you. I’m happy you found me. I like how we met, and you don’t talk to them anymore…haha. I’m hapyp you were on the phone with my whenever i needed you. and you stilll are. i truly love you “platonically”

8. I wish things couldv’e been different, but i’m happy where we are now. =]

9. Your a great great friend. Just know that names you snicker behind my back, i can hear them, and they do hurt.

10. i just think your rash decisions will hurt you. I won’t tell you how to live your life, but just know that life’s greatest lessons are taught by experience

Five things about yourself that no one really knows.

1. I’m not completely forgetful, there is a brain cist-tumore thingy pressing on my memory part of my cerrebellum.

2. Had an apartment for my ex for our christmas present, and plane tickets to France for our anniversary.

3. My life was ruined one summer.

4. When i swam and played waterpolo, i was the happiest in my life.

5. My mom is dying of cancer. My sister committed suicide. My brother was a still born. I was abused my my step-father. And i hate money-it causes so much hate.
Two regrets:
1.Fighting for 3 months to win you back

2.Not allowing myself to show emotion.

One song that describes your life:
1. hah. who knows.

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