In friends on January 20, 2009 at 8:57 am

So, I”m here, sitting in my best friends house….shivering cold…why?

cause he has no central heating, infact there is ONLY:

  • gas stove in the living room
  • mobile heater in his room
  • mobile heater in the bathroom

OMGEE…u know how cold that is!!! AHHHH First off, I’m already like a reptile. lol.

On a work update…today is tuesday, this was my work schedule the last few days:

  • Friday:6am-11pm
  • Saturday: 7am-11pm
  • Sunday:6am-4pm
  • Monday:7am-930pm

keel me. haha. today I work 3pm-11pm :] a NORMAL SHIFT!!! bust i will have: CA$H MONEY IN THE BANK. hollerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

But onto my main topic. Where is the snow? seriously…

WTF!? where is it! i was horribly mislead by both my eyes and the weather man. I have seen SNOW FLURRIES TWO TIMES….so sad. keel me, no accumulation. le sigh.

And i JUST had an intellectual conversation with my best friend in regards to this specific post ( as I was writing it ). Our dialogue as i rememeber:

ME: “I’m writing a blog about how there is no snow”

Feel: “Everyone knows that February is our snow month”

ME: “Thats a lie, December is winter, snow happenes in the winter”

Feel: “What are you talking about, February is during winter”

ME: “No, Decemeber is the month of winter. You hang up snow flakes in December. Have you ever hung or made them in January or February, no, see exactly. So Decemeber is the month of winter, cause snow flakes represent snow, and so snow should fall in December”

Feel: “You’re fucking retarded”

❤ Alex!!!!

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