A rendevous in B-more

In friends on January 16, 2009 at 8:02 am

I went up with many intentions, but with oddly enough, the conversation with Mic, I saved myself. =]

I can say he is a true friend :]. I spent the whole time with Theresa Denn!!!! I love this girl, for serious.

My trip: I came up to her house after an amazing day with Phil-Zach-Sarah-Lacey! I came up, huggggged a billion times with Theresa. OMGOSH, then i got an amazing Christmas present from her!!! A new American Eagle (spelling?) sweatshirt!!! holler Then we just chatted about how happy she was, and how much of an idiot I am. haha. We talked politics aka money and stuffs. Then John came over, we couldn’t decide what to eat. She, like always, wanted TACO BELL!!! she even screams the name. >.< haha. Nonetheless-We went out to Outback Steakhouse. We played cards, I got second place in an intense game of Rummy. AND i am so proud of myself.

Going back to one heartache isn’t the solution for another heartache, it’s still a heartache.

  1. This was like a mini book! It even had a moral to the story! The last line was my fav part… wonder where you got that from ;-). You’re the man Alex!

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