Car hunting

In friends on January 5, 2009 at 9:55 pm

woke up at 7:30am

left at 8:15 am

got to Waldorf around 9:15am

test drove a new Toyota Yaris. Talked to an older feller who i think he didn’t think i knew ANYTHING about cars and thier features. The car is simply stunning. About 35 city and 45 highway!!!! My current car only gets about 18 city and 22 highway….le sigh. This car is only about $10,000 bucks!!! holler.

My father is against me getting it, which is a bummer, but w/e.

Then i did the hour drive to get back home.

Went and got re-hired at chuck e cheese! Saw my best friend ASHLEY!!! (she’s the manager there!!!)

Went to the Cheese cake Factory with Maroulla and Damon!!! Maroulla and I caught up on our lives the last few months, cause we haven’t seen one another since like September! Damon is doing good aswell. friend was really sick at work, and his momma texted me to keep me updated. :] it was too cool for school. Keep him in your prayers :]

Then after 2.5 hours in the Factory, we went mall walking! OMGOSH, i got this AMAZING Chocolate Truffle cake Fudge thing…omgosh, ORGASM MUCH…like seriously!

Then i went home. Phil came over. We played the Wii. We watched Roll Models ;p Ate amazing rigatoni lasagna thing. And soon to make pizza. I wish he couldv’e come over though.


-Arex OUT!

  1. i like your layout, awesome blog 🙂

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