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In friends on January 5, 2009 at 4:25 am

I’m trying to get back into shape. This is me currently!!!!:im a hoe

what keeps my mind sane=friends.

Best friends& why:

Ashley Wilson. Most amazing crazy lesbian…EVER. I love her with my entire heart and soul. We have been through so much. From family hikes, to cruises around the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Whenever we didn’t have a place to stay, we ALWAYS had eachother. When we lost the loves of our lives, we always had eachother. No matter what we have trudged through it all. I love you smashley!!! 11-12 years, and one argument later, we are still going strong.

Philippe Batigne. My Frenchman. Your my totally gay in the straightest of ways best friend. My uber awesome shopping buddy, and one of my rocks. You help me by constantly being there. Compassion is one of your many middle names…see there—A PUN, which is a form of a joke____i tried :[ anywho, thanks phil for being there. So many slumber parties and wild nights later, i can still fall asleep knowing if I am in need, you will be there! :]

without you too, I ould be so alone. thanks besties, seriously…for everything!


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